Mar 10, 2013

Tweeria 2.3 — Authors and Content Update

Heya Tweerians

Today we have released new update for the laziest MMORPG in the world.
Here are two main things in this update:

1) Artists’ ratings, portfolio and other things for authors
We have more than 200 authorised artists in Tweeria with a lot of their own artworks. We understood that the game is not only about fighting with monsters, but it’s about art and artists as well. We wanted to make Tweeria more interesting for them. So we did:

— We think that our artists need portfolio page with Tweeria artworks and with some social features. So we added this page in the game.
— Also now we introduce global artists rating in the game and we will promote our best artists on the main game page.

For example .
If you want to add your own art to Tweeria but still not have rights to do it please apply on the site.

2) Content
From the beginning Tweeria was planned as a fun-project and we paid not much attention to licensing issues for on-site art. Later we received a great feedback on copyright from our community and decided to delete illegal artworks because of authors notices. It impacted game virality and traffic hardly, but we found new Tweeria in respect to artist community.

In this release we deleted all unlicensed built-in game art (standard items, spells, achievements and etc) and we replaced it by open license art. So don’t be scared by changes in how you loot looks like. It may take time to refresh the network cache before you get on new pics.
Links to artists you can find on .

* ) Bugfixes and minor improvements.
For example, we changed a bit items creation mechanism, so now you can create more powerful items on high levels.

Also we have a lot of thoughts about our future and about building unique artist-player relationships and I will write an interesting post about it soon.

Thank you for playing and creating


Alex Shteinikov