Jan 18, 2013

Tweeria version 1.1 (UPD)

UPD: We have some technical issues. So we disabled web server now. Parser is still working. We will return in weekend!

We updated Tweeria to version 1.1. There are a lot of major changes in this version. We hope you will like it:

1) New design. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions from our players and we redesigned a lot of pages to improve user experience.

2) Item/spell/artwork’s pages and management. Now there is a page for every user created thing. You can comment everything, like it and share it (try to use our item sharing — it so cool)

3) New shop (). We redesigned it to make it better, added new filters and views.

4) Map and movement. We made a serious changes in the moving mechanics. .

5) Dungeons and raids. There are in raid and dungeons systems. Also there is new type of group events — Guild vs. Guild wars.

6) Spell’s system was redesigned. No need to write “!” and “!!” to cast spells ( about spells). Also spell’s keyword is must be unique during creation.

7) If you would fight with other player, he will see it on his last events timeline. This is a first part of interactions’ mechanism which we’re developing.

8) We make some changes in pvp system. Center of the map (The Sore) it is pvp zone. If you enable pvp, your character will go there. In the Sore you will find a lot of enemies to prove your strength. You can fight with others pvp players in others places too, but there will be less pvp players than in the Sore .

Also now you will receive an experience from pvp battles.

9) We wrote a big .

10) . Your character’s now can fall asleep due your inactivity.

11) You can change race and class of your character in your settings.

12) Feedback button at the left border of screen. We received a lot of suggestions and it was very hard to clean it up and not lose something. Please, use Feedback button to help us.

13) Performance. We’re working to improve performance of Tweeria but we have some restrictions and we’re trying to outwit these. We’re very happy that a lot of people really likes our game, but our server’s cost increasing rapidly. So now we changing our infrastructure and moving to another datacenter.

14) So there is Donate button on the main page. All of this money we will spend on Tweeria infrastructure.


We disabled new content creation and now we’re working on authorization of added game art. We will delete a lot of unauthorized or low-quality art which was added previously to improve user experience. We will enable content creation system soon.

And we still looking for artwork’s authors. If you are an author of an image and you don’t mind placing your art on our website, . Don’t forget to mention your contact details and a reference to your portfolio. We will place your artworks on our game website (with your copyrights and references),

Also we will write new blog post about our future plans and about one important thing soon.


We want to thank these people which help us to release this update:

… and others. Thank you!