Jan 6, 2013

Tweerian art wanted!

Heya Tweerians!

We’re developing the major Tweeria update and planning to release it very soon. In this update we’ll set our focus on significant game aspects and will make first steps to the building a Twitter linked platform for artists and players with respect for rights of both.

At the moment we are working on authorisation of the all game content. Soon we will remove all the game content, with the authors of which we were not able to reach an agreement.

We don’t want our players to be affected by these changes; therefore, if you are an author of an image and you don’t mind placing your art on our website, if you want thousands of players to see your artworks, .

It must be your own artwork for any of combination of race (Undead, Elf, Human, Orc, Troll), gender and class (Hunter, Warrior, Mage). Don’t forget to mention your contact details and a reference to your portfolio. We will place your artworks on our game website (with your copyrights and references), and heroes of Tweeria will be proud of their look and will share it with their friends.

I believe Tweeria could be better and bigger with these steps. Create your world and be a rockstar!

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