Oct 24, 2012


A couple months ago, there was a second explosion in the Sore. As a result, a strange object appeared in the center of the Sore: it was a square pyramid with edge length of 5 meters. This object was named the Tomb. The explosion influenced all creatures inhabiting Tweeria; the reaction of its countries was different.

Human Alliance

All high level human and elf mages saw a dream and felt that the Tomb had mighty power inside. The mages urgently gathered a council, headed by Rinwen Telnaronel. The meeting lasted a few days, and the council decided to be the first who subdues this magical power.

The council entrusted Cael Anastalain to capture the Tomb. They assured him that due to this magical power the colony could become independent from the Eternal Kingdom. The authorities of the Human Alliance decided to keep this information in secret from the Eternal Kingdom.

Free Tribes

The members of the tribal council saw a dream too, but it was completely different from the dream of the alliance mages: the ancient gods warned them about the danger hidden in the Tomb. The ancient gods claimed that inside the Tomb there was a portal to another world, inhabited with dangerous creatures, who could destroy Tweeria if they came through the portal.

The tribal council sent messengers to the capital of the Human Alliance in order to warn them and to offer to solve this problem by joint efforts. The Human Alliance rejected this offer of cooperation, and the messengers have disappeared without a trace under mysterious circumstances. Soon after that, the tribal council encouraged the Free Tribes to protect the Tomb against intrusion attempts and to find a way to destroy it.

North Expansion

After the second explosion, the Square told their people that 550 years ago faceless came to these lands to find the Tomb; it was the tomb of the First Faceless, and his rebirth was the aim of the Faceless.

After the rebirth, the Faceless would get their true appearance and come to a new level of might. The Square also told that the Faceless had to be the first who gets the Tomb. Some of the Undead (the Black Clan) believe that the First Faceless could have something to do with the emergence of the Undead.