Oct 15, 2012

The History of Tweeria III: North Expansion


The Faceless is an unusual race of humanoids inhabiting Tweeria. Faceless are 146 cm tall and are completely similar to one another both in appearance and in body structure (there are only gender differences between them). No elf or human cannot tell one faceless from another.

The second feature of this race is powerful magic, allowing them to change their appearance and copy other humanoid creatures. Almost all of the faceless spend their whole lives with modified appearance.

Due to the ability to look like humans, they often hired faceless for commercial espionage, theft, assassinations and other dirty work. Thus, the attitude of the majority of tweerian Human Alliance to the Faceless is extremely negative. Despite this ability of the Faceless, gnolls can easily distinguish them from other races.

It is not known for sure about any faceless who left Tweeria.

The Faceless came to Tweeria from the Northern Territories about 560 years ago and settled on the ruins of ancient troll and gnoll cities. Nowadays faceless do not know what made their ancestors come to these lands. This knowledge is shrouded in mystery, and no one has access to it except the head council of the Faceless – The Square. It consists of four faceless, who rule all the Faceless. They have no names and no right to change their appearance.


The undead began to appear about 50-60 years ago. The first hearings about the walking dead came from the northern settlements. The efforts of the Human Alliance to study why it is happening are still unsuccessful. Undead come from dead members of every race on the continent except Faceless. That is why other races suspect Faceless in resurrection.
Undead do not remember their life before death. They do not remember most complicated skills like fencing or making magic from their previous life, but some basic skills like speaking or walking are kept.

The relatives of those who were resurrected tried to contact undead, but undead were completely indifferent to them. In addition, it is not very pleasant to communicate with dead men.
The mages of the Starseekers did not consider Undead as creatures able to think and feel; they captured many undead by force or fraud and made experiments on them in order to identify the nature of life after death.

Free Tribes do not like Undead. They believe that Undead offend their ancestors.
Faceless are the only race who accepted Undead. Faceless initially took Undead neutral, allowing them to live in their cities and not showing any interest to them.

The race of Undead is divided into three groups:
1) The Lost – the Undead who lost their will to live. They wander aimlessly waiting for death
2) The Black Clan – their aim is to find out the reason of their resurrection and to rest in peace. The head is Joseph Morang – dead human warrior.
3) The Red Clan – they seek world domination and destruction of all living. The head is Moroes – dead gnoll.

The North Expansion cities:
— Quan’Zul — former great troll city, abandoned 3000 years ago
— Nova Roku — destroyed gnoll city, which is now the land of undead
— Hwen’s outpost — former human outpost at the boundary of the wild jungle, abandoned 200 years ago