Oct 24, 2012


A couple months ago, there was a second explosion in the Sore. As a result, a strange object appeared in the center of the Sore: it was a square pyramid with edge length of 5 meters. This object was named the Tomb. The explosion influenced all creatures inhabiting Tweeria; the reaction of its countries was different.

Human Alliance

All high level human and elf mages saw a dream and felt that the Tomb had mighty power inside. The mages urgently gathered a council, headed by Rinwen Telnaronel. The meeting lasted a few days, and the council decided to be the first who subdues this magical power.

The council entrusted Cael Anastalain to capture the Tomb. They assured him that due to this magical power the colony could become independent from the Eternal Kingdom. The authorities of the Human Alliance decided to keep this information in secret from the Eternal Kingdom.

Free Tribes

The members of the tribal council saw a dream too, but it was completely different from the dream of the alliance mages: the ancient gods warned them about the danger hidden in the Tomb. The ancient gods claimed that inside the Tomb there was a portal to another world, inhabited with dangerous creatures, who could destroy Tweeria if they came through the portal.

The tribal council sent messengers to the capital of the Human Alliance in order to warn them and to offer to solve this problem by joint efforts. The Human Alliance rejected this offer of cooperation, and the messengers have disappeared without a trace under mysterious circumstances. Soon after that, the tribal council encouraged the Free Tribes to protect the Tomb against intrusion attempts and to find a way to destroy it.

North Expansion

After the second explosion, the Square told their people that 550 years ago faceless came to these lands to find the Tomb; it was the tomb of the First Faceless, and his rebirth was the aim of the Faceless.

After the rebirth, the Faceless would get their true appearance and come to a new level of might. The Square also told that the Faceless had to be the first who gets the Tomb. Some of the Undead (the Black Clan) believe that the First Faceless could have something to do with the emergence of the Undead.

Oct 15, 2012

The History of Tweeria III: North Expansion


The Faceless is an unusual race of humanoids inhabiting Tweeria. Faceless are 146 cm tall and are completely similar to one another both in appearance and in body structure (there are only gender differences between them). No elf or human cannot tell one faceless from another.

The second feature of this race is powerful magic, allowing them to change their appearance and copy other humanoid creatures. Almost all of the faceless spend their whole lives with modified appearance.

Due to the ability to look like humans, they often hired faceless for commercial espionage, theft, assassinations and other dirty work. Thus, the attitude of the majority of tweerian Human Alliance to the Faceless is extremely negative. Despite this ability of the Faceless, gnolls can easily distinguish them from other races.

It is not known for sure about any faceless who left Tweeria.

The Faceless came to Tweeria from the Northern Territories about 560 years ago and settled on the ruins of ancient troll and gnoll cities. Nowadays faceless do not know what made their ancestors come to these lands. This knowledge is shrouded in mystery, and no one has access to it except the head council of the Faceless – The Square. It consists of four faceless, who rule all the Faceless. They have no names and no right to change their appearance.


The undead began to appear about 50-60 years ago. The first hearings about the walking dead came from the northern settlements. The efforts of the Human Alliance to study why it is happening are still unsuccessful. Undead come from dead members of every race on the continent except Faceless. That is why other races suspect Faceless in resurrection.
Undead do not remember their life before death. They do not remember most complicated skills like fencing or making magic from their previous life, but some basic skills like speaking or walking are kept.

The relatives of those who were resurrected tried to contact undead, but undead were completely indifferent to them. In addition, it is not very pleasant to communicate with dead men.
The mages of the Starseekers did not consider Undead as creatures able to think and feel; they captured many undead by force or fraud and made experiments on them in order to identify the nature of life after death.

Free Tribes do not like Undead. They believe that Undead offend their ancestors.
Faceless are the only race who accepted Undead. Faceless initially took Undead neutral, allowing them to live in their cities and not showing any interest to them.

The race of Undead is divided into three groups:
1) The Lost – the Undead who lost their will to live. They wander aimlessly waiting for death
2) The Black Clan – their aim is to find out the reason of their resurrection and to rest in peace. The head is Joseph Morang – dead human warrior.
3) The Red Clan – they seek world domination and destruction of all living. The head is Moroes – dead gnoll.

The North Expansion cities:
— Quan’Zul — former great troll city, abandoned 3000 years ago
— Nova Roku — destroyed gnoll city, which is now the land of undead
— Hwen’s outpost — former human outpost at the boundary of the wild jungle, abandoned 200 years ago

Oct 11, 2012

The History of Tweeria II: Free Tribes

Trolls have been living on the land of Tweeria for many thousands of years; their empires have risen and fallen here. Orcs came to these lands about 2500 years ago, and easily made an alliance with trolls due to very similar culture.

1000 years ago, the tribes of gnolls came here from the north. Initially their tribe was nomadic, but they quickly became friends with orcs and trolls and joined their alliance. At the same time, this alliance was named Free Tribes.

Tribes live in harmony with nature and natural powers. This union is headed by a tribal council, which consists of three chief shamans. The council takes all the decisions after discussion.

Since the old times, even before the explosion, the Free Tribes considered Tinoen Plateau as a cursed place. After the explosion, the tribal council sent scouts to the Sore in order to discover what has happened there. All four squads that went there in two years after the explosion disappeared without a trace. After all the failures shamans turned to the ancient gods, but gods ordered not to approach Tinoen Plateau.

Fulfilling the will of the gods, the Free Tribes made the Sore (Roogadoo in trolls’ language) a forbidden place.

The cities of Free Tribes:

— Zag’nesh, an ancient troll city, the capital of Free Tribes
— Khargr, a dirty orc city with bad quality roads
— Ravaaga, a gnoll village

The tribal council:
— Nerzgar, orc
— Djingesh, troll
— Hiago, gnoll

Oct 7, 2012

The History of Tweeria I: Human Alliance

500 years ago humans and elves came to the land of Tweeria from the Eternal Kingdom. There was an exploratory expedition led by the elf named Daeron Vaneth from Starseekers research community. The expedition has begun shortly after a massive explosion in Tweeria.

When the scientists came to the explosion site named Tinoen Plateau, they found a burned ground in the area of a few tens kilometers (The Sore). Also the expedition mages discovered strange energy disturbance in the Sore, which was quickly propagating throughout Tweeria. Daeron decided to establish a research station to study the magical abnormalities in that area.

For a fairly short time local mages have succeeded in their studies of magic: 410 years ago they have created stronger spells and have taught even those, whose magical powers were quite weak.
Due to the great interest these studies raised in the Kindgom, more and more humans and elves came to Tweeria to join the studies. Eventually, 465 years ago the research station became the first tweerian city of Alliance - Rosemist.

450 years ago local researchers discovered that some kinds of ore had powerful magic properties. That ore was named Enchanted Ore and it was used to create magic items with uncommon characteristics. The king of the Eternal Kingdom sent a large squad led by lord Rothis Anastalain to Tweeria to establish industrial mining of Enchanted ore and export of it to the Kingdom. Then two major Alliance cities were founded: Hatseed (455 years ago, a mining city) and Elkhorn (423 years ago, an administrative center of the colony).

130 years ago the colony was named Human Alliance. Although Human Alliance is still ruled by the king of the Eternal Kingdom, it has a lot of freedom.

Major occupation:
— Magic research held by Starseekers (the research center is located in Rosemist)
— Production and export of Enchanting ore and its products

— Rinwen Telnaronel, elf, mage, the head of Starseekers in Tweeria
— Nor Khazaban, human, the trading chief of Human Alliance
— Cael Anastalain, human, the lord of Human Alliance in Tweeria

Oct 3, 2012


Today I would like to introduce the new groups events system, which is now tested on our beta server.

Along with usual dungeons like Tweenk’s, there are new dungeons with stronger monsters, better loot and higher difficulty level. Only large groups of players can manage those dungeons.

That is why we made the raid system where a player can gather a group or join an existing one.

Some words about current mechanics:
1) Raid is appointed to a fixed time and last about one hour. All tweets of its participants don’t score in the “main” part of the game, but have a direct impact on the success of the raid.
2) After the raid ends, every participant finds out its results.
3) If the raid is successful, every participant obtains loot regardless of the other players.

1) Players can’t attend more than one raid at the same time.
2) Players can’t be registered for more than 5 raids simultaneously

At the moment we are working on interface and features of the new system: there will be a detailed log of players’ activity and other improvements.

Also, the difficulty of beta raids is considerably lowered. It will be changed in future updates.


Sep 27, 2012

Tweeria news


We’ve been working hard for a long time and now we have a lot of news about our future game:

1. First of all, the name of the game Tweenk will be replaced with Tweeria.

2. There will be a lot of new features and gameplay changes in Tweeria, but one general thing will remain the same: the game will still be lazy. You can play even if you don’t want to create items or cast magic. Here is the list of key features:
— Vast world with hex map and global war between three factions for world domination
— Item crafting (you can create unique items that anyone can use)
— Item management (equip and sell items, inventory)
— A lot of new artworks and artwork creation
— Magic (you can cast spells on monsters or other players)
— Spell creation (create most powerful spells with custom magic effects)
— A lot of new fun items like pets, building and mounts
— Titles for your hero (eg. “@ido_q the Gamemaster”)
— Shop for all these things. You can buy and sell stuff!
— Group events held with your friends (multi-user dungeons and guild wars)
— 100% new better UI
— Lots of other improvements and minor features

3. When? We are going to complete our work as soon as possible and it is difficult for me to set the release date right now. Hopefully, Tweeria will be released in October 2012.

4. There is a private beta test now, and everyone who wants to help in improving the game will be invited. if you want to be invited.

5. Tweeria is the world created by the joint efforts of its players. So if you have artworks, fantasy stories, thoughts to share — you’re welcome to put them all inside the game. Just contact us.


Sep 11, 2012

Dungeon Re-enter Tour

Greetings to heroes!

It has been a long time since we started our journey. It began in spring when the first version of Tweenk was released and it is continuing now. Many heroes have already reached high levels but missed some interesting dungeons and achievements.

Therefore, we are happy to announce a big event: Dungeon Re-Enter Tour! Over the next weeks we will give your heroes a chance to visit the most secluded places of the game.

In order to visit dungeons you missed, just write a special dungeon hashtag in your tweet. Hashtags can be found in the description of dungeon achievements on the “Achievements” tab in your profile.

For example, to get into the Deep Caverns just write a hashtag #deepcaverns (those hashtags are not promotional or advertising)

In addition, Dungeon Re-Enter Tour includes a few competitions and lots of fun. Follow to take part.

After two weeks, we will summarize the results of this madness and find players with the highest amount of achievement points and those who participated in this event. These players will receive bonuses in our new game Tweeria (previously known as Tweenk 2) which is going to be released soon. My next blog post will be about it.

Stay tuned! Be happy and have fun!


Jun 27, 2012

The Game briefly

Game goals:
— Enter the Pantheon of Lazy Tweerians,
— Complete all the achievements,
— Be first in your Guild,
— All above and the others.

Simple rules:
— Rule 1:
“More longer tweets make your Hero faster and lucky”.

— Rule 2:
(PvP off) “Аny #hashtag may bring your Hero into dungeon full of beasts and epic items”.
(PvP on) “#hashtag used with mentioning of @someone works like an invitation to the battleground”

— Rule 3:
(PvP off) “Everytime you mention someone, he/she will help”.
(PvP on) “When you mention someone, that person must be prepared for the battle!”

— Thousands items,
— Different achievements,
— PvE & PvP modes,
— Rides,
— Items crafting and Spells casting,
— Unlimited fun.

And the only one Suggestion:
Go viral with #Tweeria, say the word on Tweeria on your blog/site, share your Hero’ adventure, promote your Guild and Join us at (en), (ru) and

Tweet to battle, battle to tweet!

Jun 22, 2012

Tweenk 1.3 released

Heya birds with swords!

Congratulations with the release of the Tweenk 1.3!

We’ve done the great job to improve the laziest game ever and let me tell you about some new nice features:

1) Fair ratings
You will find the major changes in the Ratings design. We want it to be more convenient for both beginners and high-level players to find themselves and other players.

The front page is now focused on Trending Players and Guilds. Perhaps, after an active day, you may want to see yourself there. Ratings here are ranked by relative amount of the experience gained through the past 24 hours.

If you don’t find yourself on the main page, then the trending rank can be seen in the personal profile and in the Guild profile. In addition, the Player and the Guild profile have information on the global position by all metrics.

2) Glorious Pantheon
ОК! Now we have the Pantheon. In the Pantheon there are those who do not need ratings any more. We say thank you, but do not say goodbye, because the game is not over yet…

3) Social tweaks
We would like to see the Guilds as a starting place where the members can get to know and follow each other. For that purpose, Guild leaders now have the ability to specify the weblink to any outer community of the Guild if any.

We have also added the “bird button” in the Guild’s profile to make it easier to promote the Guild to Twitter. Please press this knob as often as you visit the page and retweet your Guild shouts.

4) A lot of new minor changes and improvements

It’s all about that Tweenk wants to grow to please you with something new. And we have a lot of ideas about that.



Jun 16, 2012

New design of the Ratings

Hi there!
Now we are working on Tweenk.me ratings to make them more useful, fair and informative. All the ratings will be sorted by exp.points. The major changes are going to be as follows:
- First, we are going to introduce the “best of the day” rating on the front page. The best players and the best guilds. So we need hide top ratings to the Players and Guilds.
- Second, we will start to calculate the real power of the guilds based on total guild member’s expirience points. And the relevant rating will be presented soon.
- Third, we gonna build the Great Panteon of Lazy Tweenkers. Hope to find you there!

We would be happy to hear any your comments on this.