Jun 21, 2014

This journey is going to end

This is sad but we have not enough resources to maintain and improve Tweeria, so unfortunately this game will be closed in September 2014.

I want to say thank to everyone for your participation and support. We made Tweeria together and had a nice time =)

Please contact us if you have any ideas how to keep Tweeria alive, want to offer us a partnership or any other kind of cooperation.


Feb 7, 2014

Insights and Olympic contest

Heya all!

We would like to share some insights about the mechanic of the messages in your hero’s adventure timeline. When you tweet your hero may react in 30 different ways. What would be the action depends on type of your tweet, its content and also on the current game situation.

The simplest actions in the game are:
- Fight against monster (PVE)
- Fight against other player (PVP)
Each action (fight) results either with “win” or “fail”.
Win or lose depends on the attack/defence balance, luck and almighty random.

After the processing you may see the message similar to these:
For PVE:
Here as you see, @Tweeria failed to kill Black Panther ;)

And for PVP:
Here @Tweeria failed the fight against @GigCeez.

We construct the timeline messages with special keywords.
The messages above are coded like:
- {player} hit {monster} in the nose critically and monster fled away
- {player} was confused by {party}’s new look and was killed

There are 20 different keywords are used to code the messages.

Well, we are big fans of the different games. Luckily, tomorrow 7th of February 2014 and winter Olympic Games in Sochi will start. Congrats and good luck to your favorite athletes!

And to make this great time even funnier we are pleased to offer small contest to you. Now, when you know the basics how our messages is constructed, why not to to try yourself in this kind of poetry.
OK , just send @tweeria you jokes and gags related to Tweerian Olympics fights using above shown templates.
Please try to:
- Use humorous, not offensive wording
- Stay close both to RPG and Olympic games subjects
- Use keywords {player}, {monster}, {party}
- Feel free to use any Olympic hashtags if you wish

We promise to put favorited messages into the Tweeria so other players could read and share them. After the Olympic games we will award the best authors with Tweeria rare achievements.

Good luck and happy Olympics!


Feb 4, 2014

Here we are (Tweeria 2.3.2)

Hi everybody!

We were too slow last 6 month with Tweeria updating and support. Partly because of our laziness :), partly due to other projects we involved.
But the game itself is still alive. We see continuing flow of new Tweerians coming from different countries: USA, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Indonesia etc. All of you are welcome.

Here we want to thank all of our early players who is not fell asleep and still fight against top level bosses. Some of you have already got Tweeria rare achievements. And we are going to grant more.

We would also like to appreciate all the contributions from authorized artists who help us with Tweeria content. We decided to promote your works back in our Twitter and FB page. Many thanks!
Hey all, please like and share those artworks everywhere! It will help us to grow our community and would respect their authors.

So, recently we’ve updated #Tweeria and fixed several old bugs:
- pagination in the Market now works normally
- player’ avatar bug fixed
- some design improvements

Additional features added:
1) Now you may see how much experience you need to next level
2) We started the experiments with adding clickable links into Hero’s feed. And we expect you will click them )

More surprises ahead, stay tuned!

Alex & Mike

Tweeria home
Tweeria FB page

Mar 10, 2013

Tweeria 2.3 — Authors and Content Update

Heya Tweerians

Today we have released new update for the laziest MMORPG in the world.
Here are two main things in this update:

1) Artists’ ratings, portfolio and other things for authors
We have more than 200 authorised artists in Tweeria with a lot of their own artworks. We understood that the game is not only about fighting with monsters, but it’s about art and artists as well. We wanted to make Tweeria more interesting for them. So we did:

— We think that our artists need portfolio page with Tweeria artworks and with some social features. So we added this page in the game.
— Also now we introduce global artists rating in the game and we will promote our best artists on the main game page.

For example this is our most popular artist just now.
If you want to add your own art to Tweeria but still not have rights to do it please apply on the site.

2) Content
From the beginning Tweeria was planned as a fun-project and we paid not much attention to licensing issues for on-site art. Later we received a great feedback on copyright from our community and decided to delete illegal artworks because of authors notices. It impacted game virality and traffic hardly, but we found new Tweeria in respect to artist community.

In this release we deleted all unlicensed built-in game art (standard items, spells, achievements and etc) and we replaced it by open license art. So don’t be scared by changes in how you loot looks like. It may take time to refresh the network cache before you get on new pics.
Links to artists you can find on this page.

* ) Bugfixes and minor improvements.
For example, we changed a bit items creation mechanism, so now you can create more powerful items on high levels.

Also we have a lot of thoughts about our future and about building unique artist-player relationships and I will write an interesting post about it soon.

Thank you for playing and creating


Alex Shteinikov

Feb 16, 2013

Tweeria 2.2: Actions Update

Hello, tweerians

We’ve worked hard since last update to fix bugs and improve Tweeria.
Now we release new big Tweeria update. New in this version:

— We completely redesigned actions and reaction system to your tweets. We added several new types of actions (for example, now you can RT other player and learn something new from him and earn exp). Now there are more than 20 different actions in Tweeria. Try to find it all!

— We added more than 150 new messages templates to improve your last events timelines to add more fun to the game. It was hard work (I think we must invent user generated message system in the near future)

— A lot of bugfixes and improvements (for example, we restored these small info popups on your last events timelines — move your cursor over item or monster name)

We received great feedback from you, a lot of bug reports and questions. Thank you for it. We trying to answer as we can but it sometimes it taking so much time. Sorry for that and try to ask our growing community.

Thank you for your support and welcome to tweeria


Jan 18, 2013

Tweeria version 1.1 (UPD)

UPD: We have some technical issues. So we disabled web server now. Parser is still working. We will return in weekend!

We updated Tweeria to version 1.1. There are a lot of major changes in this version. We hope you will like it:

1) New design. We received a lot of feedback and suggestions from our players and we redesigned a lot of pages to improve user experience.

2) Item/spell/artwork’s pages and management. Now there is a page for every user created thing. You can comment everything, like it and share it (try to use our item sharing — it so cool)

3) New shop (marketplace). We redesigned it to make it better, added new filters and views.

4) Map and movement. We made a serious changes in the moving mechanics. Learn more here.

5) Dungeons and raids. There are big changes in raid and dungeons systems. Also there is new type of group events — Guild vs. Guild wars.

6) Spell’s system was redesigned. No need to write “!” and “!!” to cast spells (read here about spells). Also spell’s keyword is must be unique during creation.

7) If you would fight with other player, he will see it on his last events timeline. This is a first part of interactions’ mechanism which we’re developing.

8) We make some changes in pvp system. Center of the map (The Sore) it is pvp zone. If you enable pvp, your character will go there. In the Sore you will find a lot of enemies to prove your strength. You can fight with others pvp players in others places too, but there will be less pvp players than in the Sore .

Also now you will receive an experience from pvp battles.

9) We wrote a big help.

10) Sleeping. Your character’s now can fall asleep due your inactivity.

11) You can change race and class of your character in your settings.

12) Feedback button at the left border of screen. We received a lot of suggestions and it was very hard to clean it up and not lose something. Please, use Feedback button to help us.

13) Performance. We’re working to improve performance of Tweeria but we have some restrictions and we’re trying to outwit these. We’re very happy that a lot of people really likes our game, but our server’s cost increasing rapidly. So now we changing our infrastructure and moving to another datacenter.

14) So there is Donate button on the main page. All of this money we will spend on Tweeria infrastructure.


We disabled new content creation and now we’re working on authorization of added game art. We will delete a lot of unauthorized or low-quality art which was added previously to improve user experience. We will enable content creation system soon.

And we still looking for artwork’s authors. If you are an author of an image and you don’t mind placing your art on our website, send them to us. Don’t forget to mention your contact details and a reference to your portfolio. We will place your artworks on our game website (with your copyrights and references),

Also we will write new blog post about our future plans and about one important thing soon.


We want to thank these people which help us to release this update:
… and others. Thank you!


Jan 6, 2013

Tweerian art wanted!

Heya Tweerians!

We’re developing the major Tweeria update and planning to release it very soon. In this update we’ll set our focus on significant game aspects and will make first steps to the building a Twitter linked platform for artists and players with respect for rights of both.

At the moment we are working on authorisation of the all game content. Soon we will remove all the game content, with the authors of which we were not able to reach an agreement.

We don’t want our players to be affected by these changes; therefore, if you are an author of an image and you don’t mind placing your art on our website, if you want thousands of players to see your artworks, send them to us.

It must be your own artwork for any of combination of race (Undead, Elf, Human, Orc, Troll), gender and class (Hunter, Warrior, Mage). Don’t forget to mention your contact details and a reference to your portfolio. We will place your artworks on our game website (with your copyrights and references), and heroes of Tweeria will be proud of their look and will share it with their friends.

I believe Tweeria could be better and bigger with these steps. Create your world and be a rockstar!

Our mail: yeah@tweenk.me

Dec 19, 2012

Statement on artworks copyright issues


Tweeria was planned as a small, private, non-commercial and mostly experimental project of twitter-based RPG. Frankly speaking, we did not expect the popularity that we experience now. No wonder, there are some questions on the copyright to artworks we use in the game. Please be assured that we do not want to violate copyright and we greatly respect any kind of art.

Our statement:

1. We stopped accepting users’ artworks and we will not accept them until we introduce a new way to verify the authorship of the artworks.

2. If you are an author of the artwork and you did not give a permission to use your picture, we will remove it from our website on demand. Also, let us know if you do not mind using it in the game.

3. There will be a new moderation system in the next release this month, including verification of source references.

4. We are going to work closely with an art community. Maybe together we can create a nice gaming and social platform both for players and artists.

So if you would like us to delete your art from our website or share your art on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact us on yeah@tweenk.me.

We apologize to our players for some limitations on our website and possible removing of the artworks you uploaded.


Dec 17, 2012
retsnomina asked: what account do i have to play tweeria?

You need only a twitter account (private or public)

Dec 17, 2012
swiggity-swag-i-am-baguette asked: Must my twitter account linked to tweeria be non-private for it to work?

No. You may have a private linked account to play Tweeria

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